Kidney Society Youtube channel

Kidney Society YouTube Wellness Channel is HERE!

The Kidney Society’s Wellness Programme YouTube channel is online and ready.

With a HUGE thanks to the Kidney Society team, Dr Voss for the funding and some of our wonderful clients for being part of the filming. We know how challenging it is to find suitable online exercise information for our clients. The channel has been developed for our clients so we can reach and support as many of you as possible, no matter where you are or what is happening.

We have started with some basic exercises and information to support people with CKD to improve and maintain their general wellness with safe and suitable exercises.

The first series of videos covers:

  • How to improve your posture
  • Exercise and ideas to improve the circulation in your hands and feet
  • Basic lower and upper body strength exercise to help with your mobility
  • 3 short chair-based exercise programmes to help you get started

Many of you have already been supported by the wellness programme and will have been sent a wellness pack with our foot roller, balls and bands which you can use alongside the videos to assist you with your programme.

Our goal is to add more content to the channel over time, with activities such as balance exercises, Zumba style sessions, walking programmes and more exercise ideas and tips to help you manage your condition and live well. We would love your feedback on what YOU would like to see on the channel too.

Click here to visit our YouTube channel.

Introduction video

Breathing walkthrough video

Upper body strength walkthrough video

Improving circulation walkthrough video

Warm up

Leg strength exercise walkthrough


Improving posture walkthrough video