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Making a Donation

For over 30 years, we have been providing support for Kiwis and their whanau affected by kidney disease.

And it’s your donations that continue to help us be there. Through making a donation, whatever the size, you’ll be improving the lives of kidney patients.

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How You Can help

Leave a gift in your will

A gift in your will helps to ensure we’re here to make sure no-one has to face kidney disease alone.

With your support, we provide hope and care, as well as the practical assistance that people with kidney disease and their whanau might need.

Including a gift to the Kidney Society in your will is easier than you may think; it’s a gift that costs nothing now but will have a positive and lasting impact on people’s lives in the future.

A will is very personal and we strongly advise you to consult your legal advisor before drafting a new will or updating an existing one. We are always happy to discuss your wishes and intentions without offering direct legal or financial advice.

Do I have to be wealthy to leave a gift in my will?

No. Anyone can leave a gift in their Will, no matter the size of their estate. Whatever the size of your gift you can be sure we will use it to support those affected by kidney disease.

What type of gift can I leave?

There are four main types of gifts you can choose to leave to a charity.

  1. Residual: 
    The remainder of your estate after considering your loved ones.
  2. Percentage or fractional: 
    A gift expressed as a percentage or fraction of your estate.
  3. Pecuniary or specific: 
    A specified gift which can be money, property or stocks and shares.
  4. Whole estate: 
    This comprises your entire estate and is usually left by those without beneficiaries or those wanting to achieve something very significant.

Talk to a lawyer or Citizens Advice Bureau about the type of gift that will best suit you and your estate. Remember - gifts left to charities in wills are exempt from inheritance tax and capital gains tax. However you choose to support us in your will, rest assured you’ll be making a huge difference.

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Volunteer your time  

If you would like to give us back with your time and volunteer with us, please get in touch with us and we can keep you updated with the volunteer opportunities we have.

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Please call us to discuss what you can do to help on 09 278 1321 or 0800 235 711 or you can email us at

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Our current appeal

One of the realities of kidney health in New Zealand is that patient numbers continue to grow and this puts pressure on already stretched services. There’s many more people we could be supporting in the community, and to do this, we need more funds. If you’d like to help us on our mission, your donation will make a big difference to someone’s quality of life.

Corporate sponsorship

There are many opportunities for companies to support us. including the donation of products, goods or services, hosting a donations box, making a cash donation or a gift of time through staff participation in fundraising, and other activities. Call us to discuss on 0800 235 711.

The simplest way to support us is by making a tax-deductible corporate donation. All donations from companies are receipted and are eligible for tax deduction. Large donations and ongoing sponsorship are appropriately acknowledged in consultation with the donor.

Philanthropic Trust Donations

Supporting our work by making a grant ensures that your gift is used directly to support people affected by kidney disease, now or in the future. Grants can be made for a specific project, to support a salary, or towards future-proofing our services.

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Donations can be dedicated to a particular purpose such as:


pays for a wellness pack to be sent to someone in need.


means we can send our Kidney Society magazine to 5 clients throughout the year.


funds a series of home visits to clients.


means we can support one patient and their family with our services for a year.

Want to support us to make a difference?

Phone: 09 278 1321